α Ω

Chaotic World Passing Away

α Ω

The world as we know it, is passing away,

it’s ever so obvious with each passing day.

The violence and terror have made earth a mess,

we need intervention, we need God to bless.

Yes, soon He will save us from the darkness of night

He’ll turn back our nightmare with His blessed Light.

Jehovah is sending His precious Son,

to cleanse all our problems, a New world begun.

Mankind will reap blessings from Christ’s loving rule,

life that’s worth living, an earth that’s brand new.

No one will grow old and no one will die,

no pain and no crying, no sorrowful sigh.

The dead will arise to a world filled with peace,

to a world filled with pleasure that never will cease.

α Ω

*** author unknown ***

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