Genesis 25:27-34

Would you forfeit a double-share of your family’s inheritance for a bowl of soup?
Esau did.
In one impulsive bargain, he gave up his right both to lead the family and to take a
lion’s share of his father’s wealth. From where many believers sit in safe and
well-stocked homes, Esau’s actions seem ridiculous. But falling into this brand of
temptation is not unique. Every person is enticed to sacrifice future blessing in
favor of feeding current desires.

Esau had his priorities out of order. The Bible says he “despised” his birthright, but
that does not mean he hated the benefits of being born first. More likely, Esau didn’t
give much thought to his position—it was doing him little good in his current life.
He lived dangerously as a hunter. So how could he inherit anything if a wild animal
killed him?

Therefore, he placed a higher value on his immediate need for a full belly.

Esau’s shortsightedness isn’t all that different from some common modern scenarios.
1) When people trade family time for extra work hours, they lose the comfort of a loving
2) When men and women ignore God’s marital standard of faithfulness, the result is a
damaged or destroyed partnership.
3) When someone refuses a relationship with the Lord in order to maintain
a sense of self-will, he forfeits eternity with God.

What is your “bowl of stew?” At some point, you will face a choice between future gain
and present pleasure. Do not act on impulse like Esau.

Esau squanders his Birthright for a bowl of lentils

Consider your decisions carefully and seek God’s will.

Esau preferred instant gratification. (Genesis 25:30-34) “Not appreciating sacred things,”
Esau gave away his rights as firstborn “in exchange for one meal.” (Hebrews 12:16)
He failed to consider how his decision to sell his birthright would affect his relationship
with Jehovah or what influence his action would have on his offspring. He lacked spiritual
vision. Esau closed his eyes to God’s precious promises, viewing them as of little value.
He walked by sight, not by faith.

Esau provides a warning example for us today. (1 Corinthians 10:11)

When we face decisions, whether great or small, we must not be seduced

by the propaganda of Satan’s world, which says that you must have what

you want right now. This constant bombardment of instantaneous gratification

of our desires by the media and society has led many confusing poor souls to the graves

and their spirit hanging in the balance comes the Day of Judgment; the “Day of Jehovah”.

We do well to ask ourselves: ‘Are Esau-like tendencies showing up in the decisions I make?

Would pursuing what I want now mean putting spiritual interests in the background?

Are my choices endangering my friendship with God and my future reward?

What kind of example am I setting for others?’

If our choices reflect appreciation for sacred things, Jehovah will bless us. 

Proverbs 10:22
The blessing of Jehovah—that is what makes rich, and he adds no pain with it.