Cult of Self ... Me, Myself and I

Pleasure’s not a bad thing
in fact it is quite fun
Amusement for the Family
when happy people run

Our pleasure is often varied
from sports to eating pie
we relish in achievements
and laugh at goofy guy


To ride upon a railway
or roller coaster ride
To skate across the wooden floor
with partner by our side

We dance to music’s rhythm
and float upon the waves
in the foaming ocean’s fancy
and root for baseball’s Braves

To putter on a golf course
or bowling down a lane
To bounce upon a rubber ball
or cheer a team of fame

To bask in radiant sunshine
upon a silkened shore
To ride a horse in big parade
or Football team to score

And then there are vacations
to distant foreign lands
The thrill of seeing water falls
or listen to the bands

The list seems almost endless
of the pleasures we do seek
From pizza at the parlor
to gumballs in our cheek

We swim in sparkling water
we lick our favorite ice
we pile on the calories
when eating is our vice

Surfing and jet skiing
or a pool of water splash
fishing in a lake or stream
or driving cars real fast

Dr. loosen dulls spirit and soul

Some savor in their liquor
or smoke their smokes each day
Watch basketball on TV tubes
with beer cans in array

gambling addiction

Amusement Parks and circus tents
and gambling in a park
dancing till the break of dawn
or kissing in the dark

immoral pleasures of the body

immoral pleasures of the body

There is no end to pleasure now
and it really is quite fun
But when it takes your every hour
when all is said and done

A “symptom” of  “These Last Days”
where mankind is absorbed
in gaiety and revelry
where merriment is more

Than anything else in our lives
and we’re too busy to respond
to the messages that God has sent
and we ignore his strong alarm

time running out ... world is doomed

For these are signs of prophecy
when our system’s at its end
The world we see – is closing soon
So Face it now – My Friend

The pleasure – it won’t save us
Nor help us at this time
It’s only a distraction
To keep us drunk and blind

For God has ample pleasures
Just waiting for us too
A “New Earth” of Perfection
For everyone one of you

Where none will die nor even cry
and none will shed a tear
The old will then be young again
For God will be quite near

pristine sparkling waters

The clean and sparkling waters
will then be pollution free
The air will heal and help us
The land will bear life’s trees

We’ll build our houses on Free land
with no bills or mortgage due.
We’ll eat the fruit of happiness
in a world that’s all brand new

We’ll dance and sing all day long
no cubicles or rent
We’ll sleep at night with no nightmares
our lives will all be spent

With pleasure beyond what we can dream
no problems and no wars
No quarreling, or former fears
for all that will be gone

Keep our minds on this Kingdom Theme
That is set before our eyes
The Bible has the blueprint mapped
that will lead us to the prize

The prize of everlasting life
to be awarded to the meek
Instead of pleasure seeking now
Jehovah’s Will we seek.

Jehovah’s Son is present now
We can feel it if we try
Look real close at the world today
as discerned by attentive eye

The “parousia” of Christ our King
will usher in great Peace
A long and happy pleasured life
with blessings that never cease



excerpted from  “http://watchingthenews.xanga.com”


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