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Words of Wisdom

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom:

a good understanding have all they that do His commandments:

His praise endureth for ever.

Psalms 111:10

♣ ♥ ♣

Proverbs 21 to 30   =  Counsel for Kings and Rulers

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“Self-Control” – a guarded mouth makes for a serene soul.

*He that is keeping his mouth and his tongue is keeping his soul

from distresses.*

Proverbs : 21:23

“Reputation” – choose a good name rather than great riches.

*A name is to be chosen rather than abundant riches; favor is better

than even silver and gold.*

Proverbs : 22:1

“Soberness” – red wine is colorful but calamitous.

*Do not look at wine when it exhibits a red color, when it gives off its

sparkle in the cup, [when] it goes with a slickness.

Proverbs : 23:31

“Counsel” – the sober judgment of a sane thinking group is more

reliable than your own opinion.

*For by skillful direction you will carry on your war,

and in the multitude of counselors there is salvation.*

Proverbs : 24:6

“Women” – better solitude on top of the house than sojourning in the

house with a nagging woman.

*Better is it to dwell upon a corner of a roof than with a contentious wife,

although in a house in common.*

Proverbs : 25:24

“Gossip” – fire goes out when fuel gives out; scandal stops when mouths are stopped.

*Where there is no wood the fire goes out, and where there is

no slanderer contention grows still.*

Proverbs : 26:20

“Tomorrow” – there is never a tomorrow, only today.

Get it done now, for now soon becomes then.

*Do not make your boast about the next day, for you do not know what a day will give birth to.*

Proverbs : 27:1

“Understanding” – rank does not guarantee an understanding heart.

*A leader that is in want of true discernment is also abundant in fraudulent practices,

but he that is hating unjust profit will prolong [his] days.*

Proverbs : 28:16

“Bribes” – seek justice and our land shall stand; accept bribes and it will fall.

*By justice a king makes a land keep standing, but a man out for bribes tears it down.*

Proverbs : 29:4

“Security” – a trust in Yahweh/Jehovah Almighty God in heavens above is the only safe soul armor.

*Every saying of God is refined. He is a shield to those taking refuge in him.*

Proverbs : 30:5

♣ ♥ ♣

Thoughtless words can wound like a sword …


He who guards his lips guards his life,

but he who so speaks rashly will come to ruin …


Try your very best NOT to use destructive language

as it will hurt others as well as yourself;

so here are the “DIRTY THIRTY”

you should take great care to avoid!


by Hal Urban

1.   Bragging

2.   Swearing and Other Gross-Out Language

3.   Gossip

4.   Angry Words

5.   Lies

6.   Mean-Spirited and Hurtful Words

7.   Judgmental Words

8.   Playing ‘poor me” — the Self-Pity Game

9.   Making Discouraging Remarks

10.  Embarrassing and Humiliating Others

11.  Excessive Fault-Finding and Criticism

12.  Complaining, Whining, Groaning, Moaning

13.  Rude and Inconsiderate Language

14.  Teasing

15.  Using Words to Manipulate Others

16.  Phony and Insincere Compliments, Flattery

17.  Ethnic and Racial Slurs

18.  Sexists Comments

19.  Age-related Put-downs

20.  Being Negative — Always Pointing Out What’s Wrong

21.  Threats

22.  Arguing

23.  Interrupting — Not Letting The Other Person Finish

24.  Playing ‘Trump” — Always Topping Someone Else’s Story

25.  Being a Know-It-All

26.  Sarcasm

27.  Yelling, Screaming

28.  Talking Down to People — Being Condescending

29.  Exaggerating, Blowing Things Out Of Proportion

30.  Blaming and Accusing Others

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